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Testimonials: Testimonials

No words can express how grateful we were for Rhyme & Reason Daycare.  It was fate that we found them.  

We had just found out that our son was diagnosed with mild to severe ASD and were advised to get him into a social setting as soon as possible as an initial step.  We were scared and uncertain.  Everywhere we called was full.  Waiting lists only.  It was a very difficult time for us.  We then came across R&R  and were told that there was a space open.  We met with Josie and were able to enrol our son.  The rest is history.

They took our son in and treated him like every other child.  The love the staff has for each child is very evident.  They supported us, teamed up with us and helped us with resources to get our little guy on the right track.  They clearly understood the situation and did everything they could to help our little man get on the right track.  

Today we are very proud to say that because of THE ENTIRE TEAM at R&R, our son is now in junior kindergarten with very little support required.  We truly believe that he is where he is today because of everything that Rhyme & Reason has done.  They were "mom & dad" when we weren't there.   They were his teacher when he needed to learn.  They were his security blanket when he was scared.  They were everything to him but we've recently realized they were everything to us.  

I would strongly recommend Rhyme & Reason Daycare for any family and I hope everyone can consider them.  As a new parent to the ASD community, with so many questions and fears, the only constant peace of mind we had was that our son was in the best hands possible during the day.  This allowed us to focus on programmes and schedules to get things lined up for him.  

Thank you R&R TEAM!!!!  S.G. Is doing amazing!!!!  THANK YOU!!!

Teresa N. 

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